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10 Science Accidents That Changed The World


Each year there is a considerable amount of money spent on science and innovation. But would you be surprised to hear that some of the most popular scientific inventions and consumer products were discovered by accident? Below is a top 10 list of accidental scientific discoveries that have changed the world. From text messaging to X-rays, you decide if they should have made the top 10 or not. Read More…

Can Music Make You Smarter?


How well do you know your treble clefs from your quavers? If like me you have pretty much no idea, does that mean we are not as intelligent as those who are in the know?

As a child I always wanted to learn piano (women love pianists ;-)). But I never got the chance. Most likely due to my commitment level (though its improving with age).

It has long been thought that playing music makes you smarter. Countless parents have taken their children to music lessons in an attempt to improve that exam grade. Some even listen to classical music while pregnant – I think I’d have preferred some Foo Fighters!

Prof. Schellenberg, a psychologist at the university of Toronto, suggests

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