Colourful Mind Mapping

Well here I am again! Back and ready to vandalize your computer screens with some more science 🙂 .

So, I have probably mentioned this before in another blog, but the first results are out! If you are a bit of a science nerd, you will know that there was a lot of publicity about projects which aim to reveal how our brains work. Well here looks like what is the start of it. The results of a multi-million dollar brain mapping project are out!!!

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Urine Power – Cells in Urine Restore Brain Power

Urine Sample

If you are a fan of Bear Grylls then this will be perfect for you! It is suggested that some of the waste that we flush down the toilet every day could be used in therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. Chinese scientists have found a relatively simple way of persuading the cells discarded in human urine to turn into valuable brain cells. Read More…

10 Science Accidents That Changed The World


Each year there is a considerable amount of money spent on science and innovation. But would you be surprised to hear that some of the most popular scientific inventions and consumer products were discovered by accident? Below is a top 10 list of accidental scientific discoveries that have changed the world. From text messaging to X-rays, you decide if they should have made the top 10 or not. Read More…

Can Music Make You Smarter?


How well do you know your treble clefs from your quavers? If like me you have pretty much no idea, does that mean we are not as intelligent as those who are in the know?

As a child I always wanted to learn piano (women love pianists ;-)). But I never got the chance. Most likely due to my commitment level (though its improving with age).

It has long been thought that playing music makes you smarter. Countless parents have taken their children to music lessons in an attempt to improve that exam grade. Some even listen to classical music while pregnant – I think I’d have preferred some Foo Fighters!

Prof. Schellenberg, a psychologist at the university of Toronto, suggests

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Make a note 22 April!

I’ll let the image do the talking!


Mind Control – It’s Closer Than You Think!

Mind control – only on LSD right? Hmm well maybe not…

Back in the 50s the US government were conducting secret research into mind control – project MKULTRA. In this revolutionary research of biological warfare, the US government dosed their ‘guinea pigs’ with LSD. Twenty years or so later, the secretive CIA project was abandoned and all the documents were destroyed (convenient!).

The age of secretive biological warfare research is now over (or so we are led to believe) and research is now widely discussed around the world in the media and on such blogs as this. Though MKULTRA is dead, experimental mind control is still very much alive and more advanced than ever before. Read More…

The dreaded male bald-patch

The Dreaded bald patch or as my friends refer to it ‘the badger’s arse’ – the one thing every man does not want to see. This pattern of male balding is called androgenic alopecia or ‘male pattern baldness’ . As time goes on those of us who are unlucky enough to lose our hair eventually end up with a rim of hair that is left around the top of the head.

comb over

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Upload Your Brain – Really?


Ever since my undergraduate days I have always wondered how much easier life would be if we could simply insert a USB cable into our head and store information externally or download journals onto our memory. Now it turns out that my wishful thinking is under serious consideration.

The idea that we could eventually download somebody else’s experience and memory onto our own brain is something that we would expect to see in science fiction rather than science reality. Though before you start getting excited with the prospect of downloading Ron Jeremy’s (lets say interesting activities) experiences, there are a number of challenges which we need to tackle such as being able to capture someones experience and memories in a digital format. Read More…




Hello and welcome to my very first blog . By creating this blog I aim to show you the lighter side of science. Everything from the amazing to the weird and any basically any other thing that I want ;-).

I hope you enjoy reading the posts to come as much as I enjoy writing them.